Firstunitgaming {FU} Clan History 


Clan {FU} was established 20 years ago by a small group of people, Friends who met through a online chat forum who all had a interest in computer gaming.

We all enjoyed playing online games especially first person shooters, And started out with game titles like Soliders of Fortune, Quake, Half Life, Call of Duty etc.

Athough not formally called Firstunitgaming during the first 10 years we did used the clan tag FU in
various formats.

Our clan tag came about almost by accident or fate as
usually we would tell each other  “F*** U” over teamspeak if we died in game by the hand of another member, So what a great tag !

During our time playing together we started to notice that some game servers were poorly managed or had poor support, And some times over excited admins, So we started to host our own.

Our first few game servers were private dedicated servers generally setup at our homes to allow our freinds and members join and play in and on well managed and supported servers.

We then decided to open our servers up to the public due to intrest and demand, And then started a website to advertize our servers.

Firstunitgaming was born.

Firstunitgaming has now come alongway and is now hosted on dedicated hardware and network infrastructure, With 24 hour admin support.

And now with our knowledge and experience gained over the past 20 years we can host almost any dedicated game server and more.

We at Firstunitgaming aim to bring the best gaming experience to our members and users of our servers and services.


Firstunitgaming is nonprofit and is supported solely by members and public donations.



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