Welcome To FirstUnitGaming.us, We are a small Community that likes to Play Call of Duty and other FPS Games, We are always looking for New Members who wants to get involved and Help Build a Friendly and Fun Community, To Those who are interested Contact us in our Teamspeak Server, Thank you from the staff at Firstunitgaming.


We were Reading a Article, When we ran into this article.


For the Best load out the Vargo 52 for WarZone:



The best Vargo 52 loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone (msn.com)


Thank you From FirstUnitGaming.Us

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We were Reading some gaming articles.


And ran across this article:






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We were Browsing and found this Article,


On the Latest Patch For Call of Duty Warzone:




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This is Call of Duty Interleague World Wide Gaming 2022 .


If your interested  Check this link out :





Thank you From Firstunitgaming.us




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A Message form the Admins at Firstunitgaming.us


Due to the current conflict with Russia and the Ukraine ,


We belive it would be irresponsible to allow Russian users to use our services .


All Russian users will be blocked .



Thank you from the admin team .


We play virtual war games so no one gets hurt or killed ......


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Latest News

Don was injured at the beginning of the year and I am starting a Gofundme for him.  Link Here


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