Welcome To FirstUnitGaming.us, We are a small Community that likes to Play Call of Duty and other FPS Games, We are always looking for New Members who wants to get involved and Help Build a Friendly and Fun Community, To Those who are interested Contact us in our Teamspeak Server, Thank you from the staff at Firstunitgaming.


Attention All Members Do to issues with WAW being stable I have Decided to Pull it.Its not worth the hassle to keeping it up, due to there is no official Support.

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A Message form the Admins at Firstunitgaming.us


Due to the current conflict with Russia and the Ukraine ,


We belive it would be irresponsible to allow Russian users to use our services .


All Russian users will be blocked .



Thank you from the admin team .


We play virtual war games so no one gets hurt or killed ......


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